Robin's EnviroVac




Zero occupational illnesses and injuries has been a goal of Robin’s EnviroVac since its inception in 1999 and we have succeeded to date.An organization’s commitment to safety is defined by a company’s leadership. At Robin’s EnviroVac, safety starts at the top with the Founder placing a high value on employee relations, health, and safety. Operations Manager Matt Brassfield and his Health & Safety Manager arrange necessary training and education to ensure safe work environments for all employees.


We understand that a practiced, well-rehearsed emergency spill response team prevents injuries, protects the environment, and saves lives. We provide continual employee training and education to prepare for a variety of environmental releases.

We have a fleet of vacuum trucks, guzzlers, hydro excavators, service trucks, pressure washers, and water trucks - all staffed with fully-trained, experienced operators. We comply with Federal, State and OSHA regulatory practices.


We’re committed to ensuring a safe, clean environment. After all, we live and work in the same communities. We use sustainable business practices to reduce our operating costs and pass some of the savings to our valued clients.

We believe in supporting a sustainable, reliable workforce ready and able to serve our customers and engage with their families.

We’re committed to healthy, sustainable communities by providing support to local charitable causes, business associations, youth development and scholarships.

We believe in being a good corporate citizen by engaging positively with local stakeholders.


We’re proud to state that we’ve never had an OSHA-recordable injury since the company’s founding in 1999.

Safety awareness is a key component for bringing projects to a successful conclusion.

Our Health and Safety Manager brings the company’s safety strategy to life implementing programs, conducting safety awareness campaigns, organizing regulatory training, and communicating client worksite safety protocol.

A Women-Owned, Socially-Responsible Company

Founder Robin Brassfield-Cooper is a 45-year veteran of the Kern County oil industry. The Bakersfield native launched the certified woman-owned business in 1999 with one vacuum truck, one employee, a service-oriented mindset, and a strong work ethic. The award-winning business owner applies the same service-oriented mindset towards her “Giving Back campaign by engaging with several Kern County charities, business associations, and youth organizations.

Robin Brassfield-Cooper